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Pros and Cons of Indian Names for Schools

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Cons for Native American Names

  • The mascots are a mockery of Native American rituals and customs.
  • They promote racist American Indian stereotypes.
  • Make Native American students a target and creates a hostile environment.
  • Makes non-Native American students ignorant of true Native American Culture.
  • Native American and Non-Native American children learn to tolerate racism at an early age.
  • School traditions are based on stereotypes of the Native American people.
  • Schools are using derogatory names and terms for their amusement.
  • People continue to promote what schools are doing by saying that the schools are paying tribute to the Indians, when the Native Americans really feel disrespected.
  • The American culture has always disrespected Native American ad using Indian names prolongs this forms of racism.
  • Americans continue to disrespect Native Americans by not paying attention to this issue.


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